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Swaziland Water Services Corporation (SWSC), is a Government owned Public Enterprise duly established under The Water Services Act, No.12, 1992 in terms of which it has the sole right and obligation to provide water services (water supply, and sewerage treatment and disposal) and to control abstraction of raw water from boreholes in 23 designated urban and peri–urban areas.

Throughout the years, the Corporation has maintained its business focus on economically viable and sound business principles.

Brief History

The Corporation has had some remarkable achievements since it was corporatised ten years ago. SWSC had its origins as a Government department under the banner ‘Water and Sewerage Board’. SWSC was corporatised towards the end of 1994 and gained autonomy in its operations. There were a number of challenges facing the Corporation at that time which included: Improving the ratio of staff per 1000 water connections, displacing the Government culture with a more commercially oriented culture, reducing operational losses, increasing water access, increasing growth through assets and revenue, reducing dependence on Government subvention and reaching a break-evening point. SWSC has met most of the above challenges and continues to develop strategies for improving performance and service delivery.

Historically: Public Works Department (Embedded in Government)

1974: Water and Sewage Board (Special fund under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy)

1994: Swaziland Water Services Corporation (Public Enterprise under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Today: Water supply and sanitation throughout Swaziland

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