I have a leak - what should I do?
Swaziland Water Services Corporation (SWSC) is not responsible for maintenance of house services water pipes from the water meter to the house. If the leak is after the meter (anywhere from the meter to your house) customers are advised to seek the services of a plumber to repair the leak. Any leak that is after the meter will result in an increased water bill. 

Can I leave the leak?


Any leakage that occurs after the meter should be fixed immediately.  If the meter is not fixed, the meter will continue to record the water consumption that passes through the meter day in day out and this will result in high consumption and a high water bill.

When would you not give an adjustment for leakage?

As it has been mentioned above that Swaziland Water Services Corporation (SWSC)  is not responsible for maintenance of house services water pipes from the water meter to the house therefore we do not normally give adjustments for leakages. Nonetheless customers can negotiate terms of payments for bills caused by leakages in our offices.

What if I spot a leak in the street?

You can call our 24hr Toll Free number 800 5000 (from a landline) or 404-3443 and report the leakage. 
Will you turn off my water supply for me if I am carrying out plumbing work?

SWSC can turn off your water supply if there is carrying out plumbing work.  However customers are advised to install their stop cock just after the meter. This gadget can be used by the customer or the hired plumber to switch off the water supply and there will be no need to call SWSC in order to turn off the water supply.     

Moving home

I am moving house soon, what should I do?
You have to go to our Revenue office and apply for a transfer / reconnection provided the premises you moving to is metered. You also have to apply for termination of water supply in the old premises so that anybody who occupies the premises after you have left does not consume the water supply in your name.

Disconnection of water supply


Q When and why does swsc disconnect water supply?

A If there is an overdue amount, which is more than 60 days

Q How does swsc disconnect water supply?
A SWSC goes on site and turn off the meter and then take the final reading on the meter. SWSC also delivers a disconnection card, which shows the overdue amount, and meter number, to name a few.

Q What do you do after the water supply has been disconnected for non-payment?

A You have to settle amount plus the penalty charge reflected on the disconnection card at any nearest Revenue Office. Remember to produce disconnection card when making payment.

Q When does swsc re-connect the water supply?

A Before the end of day, after full settlement of the account. However, SWSC DOES NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY CHEQUES AFTER DISCONNECTION FOR NON-PAYMENT.

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