• The SWSC Main Laboratory is the nucleus of the quality assurance function of SWSC. It is located at Mountain View along Buntfu Road, before Mountain Inn. The lab’s geographical coordinates are: S 26˚20.131’, E 31˚08.977’. The SWSC Laboratory provides water and wastewater testing services for SWSC and other private customers which include wet industries, agro-businesses, private borehole, etc.

• SWSC Lab has three in-house sampling programs, i.e. potable water (raw, treated, distribution), wastewater (influent, effluent, river water) and industrial effluent. All these are scheduled by the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which dictates from a day-day basis what samples have to be taken where and what analyses done thereof.

• Potable water monitoring program: Quality Inspectors collect samples daily from all SWSC Potable Water Treatment Plants. Samples are collected at key points along the potable water value chain, i.e. raw water from dams and rivers, treated water from plants, distribution reservoirs and at customer taps. The collected samples are then timely delivered at the laboratory for analysis using standard methods. The purpose of the monitoring is to safeguard the integrity of the water from source to end user thereby protecting public health.

• Wastewater monitoring program: Quality Inspectors also sample influent and effluent from all of SWSC wastewater treatment plants. In addition SWSC also monitors the effect of its effluent in the receiving streams and rivers by sampling upstream and downstream its effluent discharge points and conducting analysis as defined by the Swaziland Environment Authority’s (SEA) Water Pollution Control Regulations (2010).

• Trade effluent monitoring program: SWSC regularly monitors discharges from wet industries which deposit industrial effluent into its sewer. This is meant to determine the pollutant load in the industry discharges in order to ascertain whether the receiving plant’s design capacity will be able to treat the effluent and reduce the pollutant load to acceptable discharge standards as defined by SEA’s Water Pollution Control Regulations (2010).

• Water and wastewater monitoring are conducted as guided by the SWSC-Swaziland Government Performance contract and SEA’s Water Pollution Control Regulations (2010), respectively.

• Private samples (water & wastewater) are also carried out at a cost on request and sampling equipment is provided

• Other duties of the lab include:
o Waterworks quality audits
o Participation in water quality complaints
o Provision of water & wastewater quality data for Technical Planning/Designs
o Coordinating of the SWSC reservoir cleaning program

• Organization: see structure

• ISO 17025:2005 accreditation for some of the tests


Easy step guide to getting your water tested:
i. Call the lab at 2404 3218 or 2404 0051/3 or 2404 1136 to place a request for sampling bottles
ii. Collect sampling bottles from the laboratory and invoice for cash customers (non - account holders)
iii. Visit nearest SWSC revenue office, to pay for cash customers;  to sign contract for account holders
iv. Deliver samples at the laboratory together with the contract/receipt
v. Testing done at the lab and report issued within seven days
vi. Collect test report from the laboratory
vii. Invoice will be mailed to the client indicated on the contract
viii. Pay invoiced amount at any of SWSC’s revenue offices (steps vii & viii only applicable for water testing account holders)


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