Swaziland Young Water Professionals


  • Idea of Africa Young Water Professionals (YWP) was derived from International Water Association (IWA) 
  • Africa YWP was established in 2010 by African Water Association (AfWA)
  • The Sole intention of this association is to develop water professionals and improve networking and partnerships across water utilities and countries.


  • To fulfill the present and future needs of the water and sanitation industries in Swaziland, an aim which requires the continuous development of a workforce which is adequate in size, capable in skills and strong leadership.
  • To make a positive impact on our country and its people as custodians of our water resources, and as innovative and committed partners in the drive for sustainable development; being service and delivery oriented. We strive to get it right in first time, every time, on time – ensuring that our citizens are provided with water and sanitation service they deserve. 
  • To have a heart that values our investment in our people and provide them with a caring and trusting environment that encourages personal development.  
  • To be committed in training and educational workshops as a catalyst of positive change, connecting our citizen and enabling them to work anywhere anytime. 
  • Mentoring upcoming professionals with interest in the water and sanitation field. 



  •  Any Swazi individual professional from the age of twenty-one (21) to thirty-five (35) years is eligible to be a member of the Association. He/She shall subscribe a non-refundable annual subscription fee of two hundred Emalangeni (E200.00) or such subscription as may from time to time be fixed by the Association.
  •  Any fully incorporated Corporations, Academic institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Societies, Clubs and any other legally recognized entity involved in the water and sanitation can be a member(s) of the SWSC YWPs, subject to approval of the Executive Committee and upon payment of a non- refundable annual subscription fee of five hundred Emalangeni (E500.00)
  •  The membership fee shall be paid at any SWSC revenue office and proof of payment shall accompany application



  • Community Water Policing Project
  • Project funded by USAID
  • Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is a major challenge for water utilities throughout the world and one of the main causes especially in African continent is illegal connections. 
  • Water illegal connections are difficult to investigate and detect because by nature they are well hidden and the culprits continue to invent new methods of these illegal connections.
  • Most illegal connections are found at informal settlements 
  • Community police will be engaged to assist in identifying such unlawful acts in their community.
  • Other activities will include identifying illegally constructed structures on top of SWSC pipelines and report visible leakages to SWSC.
  • Formulation of the Kwaluseni Waste Management Strategy
  • Waste management project being implemented by Matsapha Town Council
  • Waste management strategy being formulated along with the Kwaluseni community and the Matsapha town council. It addresses the following:
  • Current waste situation at kwaluseni
  • Infrastructure and resources available
  • Educating community on satitation
  • Ensuring that project being implemented by town council is sustainable.