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Latest News – 'Nansoyakho Water Conservation Campaign' Launch

Thursday, 21 March, 2019 – EZULWINI- Eswatini Water Services Corporation (EWSC) launched 'Nansoyakho Water Conservation Campaign' which seeks to promote responsible water use.

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Speaking at the launch, the EWSC Managing Director Jabulile Mashwama said that fresh, clean water is a limited resource. Occurrences such as droughts further limit access to clean and fresh water, meaning that individuals have to take steps to reduce water use and save as much water as possible.

Mashwama stated that Nansoyakho is a fun, eye- catching and customisable campaign that can be adopted by any individual or organisation. Through the Campaign, EWSC is presenting the simple things that people can do in and around their homes to reduce daily water consumption. ‘We are encouraging people to do their part without feeling it is too little to make a difference. The emphasis is stewardship, not hardship.’ she said.

Unpacking the Nansoyakho campaign, EWSC Public Affairs Manager Nomahlubi Matiwane said that Nansoyakho is an old Swati game played by children in a circle, where one person in the circle stands out to initiate the game, challenging another to cover a vacant spot. Matiwane said that EWSC has initiated the campaign and is calling institutions and individuals to action in water conservation.

EWSC seeks to partner with municipalities, hardware and retail stores, nurseries, public transport, banks, UN Agencies, EEC etc. on the water conservation promotion.

In addition to persuading consumers to change their relationship with water, the campaign seeks to address advocacy issues. Mashwama stated that water issues and interventions should remain a high priority on government agenda and this campaign seeks to ensure that water security issues does not fall off the radar.